Re: Printer Tracking Dots

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Sat, 10 Nov 2007 08:27:22 GMT
Roedy Green wrote:


Jevon T.

Technical Support Representative

Customer Information Centre

Canon Canada Inc.

Well that was a lot more polite than "piss off, ya' loony!".

High points for Jevon T. TSR, from the CIC of Canon Canada (Inc.)!

Oh, and in regard to RGB 'sitting on' the information, that
is simply ludicrous.
1) It was widely discussed at the time. (I can recall hearing
about it - and I do not go looking for that kind of information.)
2) the presss, and on the relevant groups.
3) ..of which, this is not.
4) According to GG profiles, RedGrittyBrick started
posting in May 2005 - I do not know when they began
posting on* groups exactly (my vague
impression is 4-6 months) but the first two months of
postings were to completely non java groups. So it
might be surmised that by the time RGB began posting
*here*, the 2004/2005 inclusion of the dots was 'old news'.

Now, please use a monochrome printer* and stop bugging
us about it.

* Or 'save the trees' and do without those damnable devices.

Andrew Thompson

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