Re: java access to USB MAC OS X

Patricia Shanahan <>
Wed, 02 Jan 2008 13:07:35 -0800
Martin Gregorie wrote:

Steve W. Jackson wrote:

In article
 Gadgetman <> wrote:

I have a simple requirement at this point an Apple MAC OS X - that is
to detect the presence or lack of a USB device from java.

I have read about JSR 80, javax.usb, jUSB and all indicate not
available in Mac OS X.
I also know that in linux, I can do a "cat /proc/bus/usb/devices" and
get a list of devices connected to the machine.
Now Mac OS X is "linux" - yet there doesn't appear to be /proc/dev/...

Any suggestions on how to get the presence or lack of a USB device
from java on Mac OS X??

And where, exactly, did you hear that Mac OS X is "linux" again?

Mac OS X is based on BSD. You'll also find that some of the other
operating systems with a Un*x basis also don't use /proc. As I recall
from my very earliest days with AT&T System V Unix, it didn't. I
think the first one I encountered that did was Sun's Solaris.

I'm told that /proc is uniquely a Linux-ism. I certainly haven't noticed
it on Solaris or any Unix SVR4 system. I think Linux borrowed the
concept from Plan9, which was the first OS I heard of that implemented
it (yes, even before OS-9's 1979 introduction the idea of naming all
memory modules, hanging them off a linked list to act as an index and
providing the mdir utility to show you what's in memory.

I don't know where /proc originated, but it certainly exists in Solaris.

"Solaris 8 2/04 Reference Manual Collection >> man pages section 4: File
Formats >> File Formats >> proc(4)  /proc, the process file system"


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