Re: GridBagLayout - A simple test program

Mark Space <>
Sun, 10 Feb 2008 10:48:12 -0800
Knute Johnson wrote:

With all the questions that show up about how to get GridBagLayout to
work I thought I would write a little test program to use as a training
device. Any feedback would be appreciated. The program has most of the

I tried to duplicate the layout in the Java tutorial and didn't have a
lot of luck.

It's the 3x3 layout there close to the top. What the issue was is that
as I tried to update each button, it would obscure other buttons that I
hadn't updated yet. It was impossible to click on a button that was
underneath one of the other buttons.


Add a second panel. Put the controls for each button in that panel.
Show the results of the controls in a second panel. This way the
buttons themselves aren't needed to set the controls, so it won't matter
if they get temporarily discombobulated.

You'll probably also need a global reset. "Change buttons" works for
this now. Also, some pre-set button arrangements would be most groovy.

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