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Why would GPS require a network connection?

If LocationProvider provides both fine grain and coarse grain
localisation services, then it uses GPS for the fine grain
localisation which obviously requires access to the satellite
receiver; and it reads nearby WiFi SSIDs to calculate coarse grain
localisation which requires access to the WiFi radio.

There is a separate LocationProvider called ???network???, that says it
both a cellular network (requiresCell()) and data network
(requiresNetwork()). That provides lower accuracy than GPS, so there???s no
reason for the GPS provider to do the coarse-grained stuff as well.

Maybe it is using the network LocationProvider as a back-up for
situations, such as inside many buildings, in which GPS does not work
but cell and WiFi are available.

Incidentally, this is a testable hypothesis. The test would consist of
taking the device into a building or parking structure, with a few
layers of reinforced concrete between the device and the sky, and asking
the GPS provider for a location.

If the hypothesis is correct there will be cases in which it reports
insufficient satellites for a GPS fix, but gives a location.

If the hypothesis is incorrect, it will fail to report a location if it
has insufficient GPS satellites, even if there is cell phone and WiFi


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