Re: Failure of Java HTTP, some puzzles for those with not enough to do

Daniel Pitts <>
Tue, 29 Nov 2011 15:41:44 -0800
On 11/29/11 3:28 PM, Roedy Green wrote:

Here is a list of URLs that a browser can read but that Java's HTTP
get/head cannot.

Harvard is because they use their own SSL cert
aloaha is a timestamp service

Sometimes it is because they give some sort of failed response code
but deliver the page anyway.

Sometimes I sort out what screwy thing they are doing (e.g. circular
redirects) and write, but they almost never correct the problem.

In the days of the telephone, if you attached some device that was not
behaving according to spec the telephone company would demand you
disconnect it, and when you did they would reconnect service. There
seems to be no equivalent in the Internet world.

Have you tried spoofing a different User Agent value?

As far as SSL certs, it is possible to set up Java to accept specific certs.

Are you using the standard JDK URL classes, or have you tried using
apache httpcore/httpclient?

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