Re: Capture sniff print server packets

Daniel Pitts <>
Tue, 21 Feb 2012 17:45:58 -0800
On 2/17/12 11:40 AM, wrote:

I am on a LAN that has a TCP/IP print server. I like to capture the
data sent to the print server. I?ve tried jsniff with jpcap but
that only seems to capture the tcp port of the pc I am on, not TCP/IP
of the print server.

You can try Wireshark to verify that the traffic makes it to your
machine in the first place. If there is a network switch involved, the
network traffic may not be broadcast to your node. Also, if you are on
a wireless network, some wireless cards and driver combinations prevent
"sniffing" of traffic to other devices.

Is it possible to capture the data of the print server? Or turn my pc
in into a virtual printer and capture printer data that way?
Ideally I like to process the print jobs before they print but I?ll
take what ever I can get. Scanning the print jobs would be fine too.
Any pointers and especially source code would be great.
Thank you

This makes me curious what you're *really* trying to do. It may not
involve sniffing at all. You might be right on the path to creating a
virtual printer, but they may also be more complex then necessary.
Perhaps all you need to do is enable access to the print-queue on the
print server. Details vary by brand ;-)

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