Re: how do you replace white space in a string with a %20 jsp?

"Rhino" <>
Tue, 30 May 2006 23:36:40 -0400
"Kaitee" <> wrote in message

Hi, I need to replace spaces in filenames with %20 in a jsp page.
These file names are represented as strings in a database. I've tried
the following code and I am getting an out of memory error when I try
to run my page. I think it's the whitespace needs to be represented
some other way but I don't know what that would be.

   attach1 = (STO_attachset.getObject("attach1").toString().trim());
   StringBuffer ValueSB = new StringBuffer(attach1);
       if(attach1.indexOf(" ") !=-1) {
for(int e=0; e<ValueSB.length(); e++) {
     if(ValueSB.charAt(e)==' ') {

You may want to look at the URLDecoder and URLEncoder classes within the
standard API.

I think you'll find that this fragment will illustrate a solution to your
problem. I found this technique on one of the* newsgroups
several years ago and it has served me well since then:

 URL aboutIconUrl =
 String encodedAboutIconFileName = aboutIconUrl.getFile(); //convert URL to
encoded String
 String decodedAboutIconFileName = null;
 try {
  decodedAboutIconFileName = URLDecoder.decode(encodedAboutIconFileName,
 catch (UnsupportedEncodingException ue_excp) {
  String msg = "Failed to decode file name " + encodedAboutIconFileName + ".
Cannot continue.";
  System.err.println(CLASS_NAME + "." + METHOD_NAME + " - " + msg);
 aboutIcon = new ImageIcon(decodedAboutIconFileName);


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