Re: Parse pcap Ethereal file SNMP messages

 "" <>
Tue, 13 Nov 2007 19:11:10 -0000
If someone is looking for this solution it is possible to do this with
JNetStream and SNMP4J libraries in a pretty easy way.

The algorithm is as follows:
- Parse pcap file stream with JNetStream decoder and run over all
packets in pcap file

Decoder decoder = new Decoder(pcap_filename);
Packet packet = null;
byte[] buff = null;

while ((packet = decoder.nextPacket()) != null)
    buff = packet.getDataValue();

    // get timestamp
    TimePrimitive timePrimitive =
    Timestamp sqlTimestamp = (Timestamp)timePrimitive.getValue();
    timestamp = sqlTimestamp.getTime();

    // get source IP address
    Field saddrField = packet.getHeader("IPv4").getField("saddr");
    com.voytechs.jnetstream.primitive.address.IpAddress saddr =
    String saddrStr = saddr.getInetObject().getHostAddress();

// skip not udp packets
            if (packet.getHeader("UDP") == null)

    // send this buffer, timestamp and source IP to SNMP4J
    // you should oi

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