Re: Can someone please clarify what "modern" Java is for me?

dos-man 64 <>
Tue, 12 May 2009 15:44:57 -0700 (PDT)

Is there a book that was made that deals with applications programming
and doesn't spend 90%+ time on applets?

I recommend Learning Java, by O'Reilly. Very good book, minimal
treatment of JEE and Applets. Mostly just plain old Java programming,
most of that is talking about the API, which is where you should start.
  The language itself is easy to pick up, with the possible exception o=


the thread model.

Ok, cool. I will order that one. I have here Java primer plus, java
unleashed, Java api reference, and java 2 in 21 days. Most of these
are saturated with applets programming.

What is the prefered development environment?

Various. Eclipse and NetBeans are free and very common. I like
NetBeans, never tried Eclipse. There are several people here who will
give you the reverse opinion. Both are just opinions. Use the tool
that makes sense to you.

Note that NetBeans will also come with the latest SDK. Don't have to
worry about getting the right one separately. Use the download button
on the far right, under the column that says "all".

Cool. I will try out netbeans then.

I need to get rid of this maximize box in the corner of my AWT
appliation window, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Post a SSCCE (short example) and we'll take a look at it. Note that if
you already have an AWT only app, you should probably eschew Swing for
the time being.

Well, here is my "app" right now. All it is is an empty window with
no controls on it (although it took quite a few hours to make it.) I'm
just trying to get the basics down, ie create a window, move it, set
the caption, add a menu, etc.

  sample java program,
  1. creates a basic form
  2. sets the caption
  3. resizes it
  4. places some menus on it
  5. paints it to COLOR_BTNFACE
  6. traps the escape key
  7. moves it to center of the screen

import java.awt.*;
import java.lang.*;

class Form extends java.awt.Frame
  Panel buttonpanel;
      Color brush = new Color(212,208,200); // COLOR_BTNFACE RGB()
      MenuBar mbar = new MenuBar();

      Menu mnuFile = new Menu("File");
      mnuFile.add(new MenuItem("Open"));

      Menu mnuEdit = new Menu("Edit");

      Menu mnuHelp = new Menu("Help");
      mnuHelp.add(new MenuItem("About"));

         public boolean handleEvent(Event E)
           if ( // page 341 of java 2 book

           if (


class first
  public static void main (String args[])
      Form Form1 = new Form();

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