Re: Who specifies Java?

"Oliver Wong" <>
Fri, 28 Jul 2006 21:06:34 GMT
"Stefan Ram" <> wrote in message

"PofN" <> writes:

So then, is Java being specified by James Gosling, Bill Joy,
Guy Steele, and Gilad Bracha or by Sun Microsystems, Inc.?

Undoubtedly, the latter.

Formally it is the JCP program. Controlled in large parts by Sun.

 I am storing information in a knowledge base (vaguely like
 in Prolog or Cyc).

 Until recently the following rules seemed natural to me:

         - If a formal language is specified by an artifact A.


         - The artifact A was created (written) by the system S.


         - S is the author (creator) of the artifact A.


         - S specifies the language L.

    This last rule seems to be the problem. There may be several revisions
of A, and the authors of each revision may differ as Chris has pointed out.
I don't think there really is a strong relationship between S and L that
isn't already encoded transitively via S->A->L. S took part in the
specification of L, but ultimately, it is A and not S which specifies L.
Perhaps the different authors had different opinions about what L should
have been like, and A was the compromise that they all settled on.

    - Oliver

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