Re: What replaces StringBufferInputStream

Patricia Shanahan <>
Tue, 29 Aug 2006 13:48:31 GMT
Chris Uppal wrote:

Patricia Shanahan wrote:

The solution, as Arne pointed out, is to first get a byte array from the
String. If internationalization were an issue, I would specify an
encoding on that conversion.

I'd still specify the encoding explicitly -- you may as well be clear on what
the test is actually testing.

BTW, I don't believe that character encodings should be thought of as just an
internationalisation issue. (And even they if were, you -- being a
foreigner -- shouldn't ignore those issues ;-)

Matlab's a powerful program; surely it can be told to produce its output in
UTF-8 or UTF-16...

Matlab is extremely powerful in specific directions. The documentation
for the student version I have has no hits for "UTF", "international",
and "unicode", but pages of hits for "eigen". The only hit for
"encoding" is in the Signal Processing Toolbox and "quantizes the
entries in a multidimensional array of floating-point numbers u and
encodes them as integers". "ASCII" is used in the documentation as being
the alternative to "binary".

The downloaded code that I'm using is all matrix-to-matrix internal
operations, not I/O.

I suspect the Matlab stdout and stderr are going to be predominantly in
the ASCII character set. Any non-ASCII text would have to be in the
default encoding for the platform.


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