Re: how to secure the file uploading process using form-based upload

"Oliver Wong" <>
Thu, 21 Sep 2006 19:51:40 GMT
"david wolf" <> wrote in message


I am using apache commns fileupload to let users to upload their files
to a web site. The web site itself is using https protol, so that the
file is securely uploade through the internet using the HTML form based
uploading process. However, when the file lands on the hard disk of the
web server, it is unencrypted.

My question is that, if my web site is compromised by some attacker,
these files will be exposed to the attacker, is there a way to do the

1) Make the landed file to be encrypted when it is landing (even for
the temporary file that the fileuploading process written during the
file upload process).

2) Is there any other alternative approach to achieve this, e.g.
another libary I can use to make the downloaded file always to be

    How about having the client encrypt the file before uploading it?

    - Oliver

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