Re: read huge text file from end

Eric Sosman <>
Tue, 31 Oct 2006 17:51:54 -0500
Oliver Wong wrote On 10/31/06 17:23,:

"Eric Sosman" <> wrote in message
news:1162329515.169868@news1nwk... wrote On 10/31/06 15:45,:


I have very large text files and I am only interested in the last 200
lines in each file. How can I read a huge text file line by line from
the end, something line the "tail" command in Unix?

  Do as "tail" does: Get the size of the file, seek to
a position (200 * average_line_length + safety_margin) bytes
before the end, [...]

  Of course, this simply isn't going to work for files
that contain statefully-encoded regions, or that have been
progressively compressed or encrypted. For "very large"
files, compression is distinctly likely -- even if you're
not using it now, you might want to ponder before committing
to a strategy that would prevent using it in the future.

    Hopefully, the compression would be handled by the underlying OS, and it
would all work "transparently" to your application.

    It might "work" in the sense of "get to the data as
desired," but only by reading and decompressing everything
before that point -- which sort of vitiates the performance
advantage of the seek, don't you think?


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