Re: Problem with reading the contents, from and to adresses while using javamail pop3

Lars Enderin <>
Sun, 15 Apr 2007 18:00:34 GMT
Nikhil skrev:

On Apr 15, 6:30 pm, Lew <> wrote:

Nikhil wrote:

public class PopTest2
   private static final String SMTP_HOST_NAME = "";

Your post would be much easier to follow if you did not embed TAB characters
in it.


                    Message[] msg = folder.getMessages();


System.out.println("\nFrom-------------------> "+msg[i].getFrom());


And following is the output :(of only one of the many mails of the



Well, of course we don't have the definition of Message in front of us, since
you didn't post an SSCCE, but dollars to doughnuts getFrom() doesn't return a
String. In fact, I will bet good money it returns a

What is the type of Message.getFrom()?
(Hint: javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress)

What is the default output from toString() if one doesn't override it?


Thanks for replying....

Actually the getFrom method returns an array of type
javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress .
So now when i wrote the following statement, it printed the correct


But still I am not able to read the contents of the Messages whose
content type is MimeMultipart.
So how do I read contents of these messages?

You should be able to figure that out from the API documentation. Note
that different MessageParts may have different representations of the
actual message. One part may be text/html (or application/html), another
  may be text/plain. It's all spelled out in the headers and the class
hierarchy. Note also that text may be encoded in, e g, Quoted Printable
or Base64. The header fields may also be encoded, if they contain
non-ascii characters.

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