Re: OT: Google Groups Test (please ignore)

 Daniel Pitts <>
Mon, 27 Aug 2007 14:47:34 -0700
On Aug 24, 12:32 pm, Sanjay <> wrote:

Sanjay wrote:

installing a reader
for all of those places (each using a different os) would be a pain.

ssh tunnel + thunderbird that is all you need.

Oops, I apologize. Did not mean to start a war or any kind.

All I meant was that in order to use usenet from anywhere (home, work,
library, motel, hotel etc etc) you could use ssh tunneling and thunderbird.

The way I do it is this : I have a debian machine running ssh server
sitting behind firewall. I have port forwarding turned on in order to
access ssh. So from anywhere especially work or from a hotel I start a
ssh session and tunnel port 5900 (vnc) over it. So all I had to do is,
start vnc client and connect to localhost:<whatever port> in order to
see my home computer. Then I can use any usenet, web etc etc client to
do whatever I need to do.

You do not need an "expensive" business internet connection. All I have
is a comcast broadband and my ip address hasn't changed even once in
last six months(I have had same experience with cox cable in
connecticut). Even after loosing electricity for few hours.

Thats all.

PS: Right now I am at work tired of writing J2EE code and happen to see
this thread on my computer located few miles away on my debian machine.

My preference for remote Windows viewing is Remote Desktop, there is a
Linux program that will let you connect to a remote Windows desktop,
although you do have to have the Pro version of Windows XP (Other
windows versions probably support it, but Home Basic doesn't)

Alternatively, I use RealVNC on machines that don't support rdesktop.
And I definetly use SSH tunneling for unencrypted protocols.

I too have a cable ISP (Astound), and my IP changes only very rarely.
Although I do still prefer google groups over Thunderbird. Perhaps I
haven't had enough exposure to Thunderbird's feature set.

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