encrypted source file support in jdk?

Tom Forsmo <tom@nospam.org>
Thu, 27 Sep 2007 14:17:55 +0200

I an wondering if anybody knows if its possible to extend the
functionality of the sun java compiler/vm in jdk6, with for example
plugins or similar? or if the jdk supports something similar already?

What I am looking for is to set up a jdk environment where the source
code is ecrypted at the file level. This requires javac to be able to
en-/decrypt the source files. For further protection, the jvm would need
such support as well.

some details:

To answer the typical question first. For this scenario I am not
interrested in encrytpted filesystems, because it still leaves the
files vulnerable as long as the filesystem is mounted. The secrecy of
the files can still be compromised from hacking, virus, trojans, skype,
xss and all other sorts of system hacking. With encrypted files the
information in the files are still protected, even in the case a trojan
sends a file by email to somebody on the internet. Enctrypted
filesystems only help protect the integrity of the local system and the
disk while the system/disk is not running. Encrypted files help protect
the information during use as well.

I know there are many other issues as well, I'll be working throuhg it.
here is the list of the issues of most importance:

- en-/decryption support in
   - ide / editor
   - compiler
   - code searching tools
- disassembler/debugger
   - remove excess information from class files
- how to handle static content files
   - html, css, jsp, configuration files for libraries and frameworks etc
- if class files are also encrypted
   - en-/decryption support in the jvm runtime, covers tomcat, jboss etc.
   - possible encrypted jar/war/ear files etc
   - debugger
      - information about classes must also be protected from prying
eyes who have obtained the class files and using the debugger to get

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