Re: Why is Java so slow????

Mark Space <>
Mon, 19 Nov 2007 22:49:23 GMT
Java Performance Expert wrote:

On my system, it takes 9.21 seconds (Java) and 1.1 seconds (C)

Any ideas?

It might have something to do with your locale or your system libraries.
  Even though you are using a BufferedOutputStream writer, each call to
getBytes() on the string still runs an encoder.

The following is much faster than any of my previous tests on my system.
  Give it a shot. It does not (yet) count, but it does spam IO so we
can at least see if it might yield some improvements.

     static public void rawTest( String [] args ) throws IOException {

         int lim = new Integer( args[0] );

         String message = "This is line ";
         String sed = "0000000\n";

         OutputStream os = new BufferedOutputStream(System.out);

         byte [] mbuff = message.getBytes();
         byte [] sedBuff = sed.getBytes();
         int mlength = mbuff.length;
         int sedLength = sedBuff.length;

         for( int i = 0; i < lim; i++ ) {
             os.write( mbuff, 0, mlength );
             os.write( sedBuff, 0, sedLength );


Note: not complete, just paste it in and have main() call it.

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