Re: persistent object?

Mark Space <>
Tue, 28 Apr 2009 06:30:59 -0700
Thomas Kellerer wrote:

SpreadTooThin wrote on 27.04.2009 23:34:

I need a list of objects that can survive from one invocation of the
application to the next.
Is this doable in Java or does that break sand box rules?
In my case I simply need a list of structures to exist and be reloaded
if the application is quit and restarted.

Use XMLDecoder and XMLEncoder. Your objects must be JavaBeans though
(default constructor and a pair of set/get methods for each property
that needs to be persisted)

I was unhappy with the design constraints XMLEncoder/Decoder forced on
my design when I used it last. If you have Beans, fine, it works great
and is a big time saver. But if you don't have beans,
XMLEncoder/Decoder force you to implement Bean semantics -- getters and
setters for every piece of saved data.

I had private data that the user had no business mucking with in my
design, and exposing that was a real negative for me. I'd recommend
using the Serializable interface, and then just biting the bullet and
implementing your own write and read methods. Then you sure of the
format and it won't change, and you have a reasonable implementation for
your IO framework.


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