Re: sending email from localhost with JavaMail -- WEIRD prob w/servlet...

Nigel Wade <>
Mon, 01 Jun 2009 10:29:50 +0100
Dave Miller wrote:

maya wrote:
(not sure what you

mean by is my machine on Comcast's network, they are my ISP, my Internet
broadband provider, I don't know if technically this means my machine is
"on their network"..)

If Comcast provides the connection to the Internet from the computer on
which you're running the servlet, you are on their network.


props.setProperty("mail.smtp.port", "587");

and the code should work.

Port 25 is normally used by MTAs for mail submission and transfer without
authentication. Authentication is normally done on port 587. Although it is
possible to offer authentication on port 25. There is a simple way to test it
out, telnet to port 25 and type "EHLO". The response will tell
you what the MTA supports. If it doesn't include AUTH then AUTH won't work on
port 25. You should be able to try the same thing on port 587, port 587 should
not be encrypted at connection.

There is one situation where this won't work. That is if the mail server doesn't
offer AUTH unless encryption is already established. This cannot be tested
using telnet because you won't be able to establish an SSL encrypted connection
using TLS over telnet.

I can't test it from here because does not respond on port 587
indicating it's probably an internal only submission system. I can't test port
25 because that is blocked outgoing here. Also that host has no MX records
which mean it's unlikely to be an MTA and probably doesn't listen on port 25,
certainly not to the outside world anyway.

Nigel Wade

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