Re: Java and jsp codes

Lew <>
Thu, 12 Nov 2009 09:46:15 -0500
CAESAR wrote:

On Nov 11, 11:31 pm, CAESAR <> wrote:

Both the files are in tomcat\webapps\root folder

the java code is:

package examples;

  public class ReloadedClass
     public static String getMessage()
          return "This is the original message";


And the JSP code is :

<%@ page language="java" import="examples.*" %>

  The message is: <%= ReloadedClass.getMessage() %>

The above code is giving an error..... that :

 Unable to compile class for JSP:

Lew wrote:

You should copy and paste entire error messages, not edited fragments or

In what directory is ReloadedClass.class deployed?

I ask because in a similar thread you started, others gave you advice about
putting the .class file in relative path rooted at the class path, and
"tomcat\webapps\root" is not a class path element. You should review that advice.

As with any Java .class file, ReloadedClass.class must reside in a
subdirectory corresponding to its package, in this case "examples/". The
canonical class path root for web applications is "WEB-INF/classes/" relative
to the context root. This is all clearly documented in the Tomcat documentation.


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