Re: Read utf-8 file return utf-16 coding hex string ?

Lew <>
Wed, 03 Feb 2010 11:34:57 -0500
bugbear wrote:

But you can store 6 bytes as 6 Latin-1 chars (as long as
the DB doesn't suppress the "invalid" values; most don't)

It just won't have the right semantics.

moonhkt wrote:

What is your problem ?

How do you mean that question? I don't see any problem from him.

The six bytes , 3 for first character and next 3 bytes for seconding
Actually, We tried import and export , and compare two file are same.

The next task, is Extended ascii code, 80 to FF, value is not part of
UTF-8. It is means that the Output file can not include 80 to FF bytes
value ?

No. Those bytes can appear, and sometimes will, in a UTF-8-encoded file.

And handle 0xBC, Fraction one quarter, 0xBD,Fraction one half
conversion to UTF-8. or some value in Extended ASCII code to UTF-8

Once again, as many have mentioned, you can read into a 'String' from, say, an
ISO8859-1 source and write to a UTF-8 sink using the appropriated encoding
arguments to the constructors of your 'Reader' and your 'Writer'.

Below Extended ASCII code found in our Database, ISO8859-1.

So? Read them in using one encoding and write them out using another. Done.
  Easy. End of story.

Why do you keep asking the same question over and over again after so many
have answered it? There must be some detail in the answers that isn't clear
to you. What exactly is that?


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