Re: Reading sound output in Java

Lew <>
Fri, 25 Oct 2013 14:56:40 -0700 (PDT)
Joerg Meier wrote:

Lew wrote:

GGolf wrote:

Lew wrote:

GGolf wrote:

Is there a way to read the output that the speakers produce?

Are you talking about using a microphone to record the speaker sound,
and reading that in a program?

Yes, but using software instead of hardware. Basically, the "Stereo Mix"
option that most systems had built-in years ago.

You're contradicting yourself, or else I'm not getting you. You said "Yes" to the
microphone question, but you aren't using hardware. What?

I have no notion of what you mean by the "Stereo Mix" option.

In Windows (and. presumably, other OSs), you can record "What you hear", as
in, you can record whatever your speakers are playing. This is done on a
software level, so it works even if you have no speakers or microphones. It
seems to just intercept and copy the data that gets sent to the speaker
output. I would guess that's what he want.

Maybe, but what he asked for was "the output that the speakers produce", not the
signal that is input to the speakers.

If he wants the signal as sent to the speakers, does he want the actual electrical
signal, decoded and turned into some file format, or does he want a copy of the
MP3 or WAV or whatever generated that signal, or what?

You can guess all you want, but absent the *OP* answering the question, it is only a guess.

As another responder said, the question is vague, and certainly ambiguous.

So, OP, how about it? Are you going to ask a good question, or give up on getting a
good answer?

The technique you use will depend on exactly what you want.


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