Re: Type safety ... References to generic type Enumeration<E> should be parameterized

Dale King <>
Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:26:27 -0400
Hendrik Maryns wrote:

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Ian Wilson schreef:

In Eclipse, this code produces a warning at "foo.nextElement()" saying

"Type safety: The method nextElement() belongs to the raw type
Enumeration. References to generic type Enumeration<E> should be

    void listDefaults() {
        UIDefaults uiDefaults = UIManager.getDefaults();
        Enumeration foo = uiDefaults.keys();
        while (foo.hasMoreElements()) {
            Object key = foo.nextElement();
            Object val = uiDefaults.get(key);
            System.out.println("[" + key.toString() + "]:["
                    + (null != val ? val.toString() : "(null)") + "]");

How should I fix this?

By doing as it says:

Enumeration<Object> foo = uiDefaults.keys()

Or have a look at the API of UIDefaults, to see whether it is some more
specific Enumeration (I suppose not).

It's not. UIDefaults is a subclass of Hashtable<Object,Object> (yet
another example of inappropriate use of inheritance instead of composition).

  Dale King

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