Re: enum type declaration error

"Daniel Pitts" <>
17 Dec 2006 22:12:48 -0800
<> wrote:

I came from C domain and learning JAVA.
I believe, there is C equivalent "enum" type existed in JAVA. But my
initial experiment is giving compile error as below. Please help me to
understand where I made mistake. Note that, I am using the latest GCC
compiler for JAVA (gcj).

Thanks in advance.

Compile error:
/***** error: Invalid declaration.
       public enum returnStatus {RETURN_TRUE, RETURN_FALSE}
                                ^ confused by earlier errors, bailing out


My experimental code is as below:
public class myHelloWorld

    // Return value definition (public)
    public enum returnStatus {RETURN_TRUE, RETURN_FALSE}

    // Private method to print something on the console
    private returnStatus printSomething()
    // Return status intialization
           returnStatus retValue = new returnStatus;

        // Print something on the console
        System.out.println("Hi Hello World !");

          retValue = retValue.RETURN_TRUE;
          return retValue;


    // Main method
    public static void main(String[] args)

}//myHelloWorld class

Use a boolean instead :-)

The reality of it, as others have pointed out, is that enums are a Java
1.5 feature. I would check that your compiler supports 1.5 language
features. I don't know about GNU's java support, so I couldn't tell

But, I can give you some naming convension advice.

Classes (like nearly everything in Java) follow the UpperCasaWords
convension. However, unlike members of classes. classes themselves are
usually Capitolized.

Enum types too.

MyHelloWorld vs. myHelloWorld and ReturnStatus vs. returnStatus.

Other then that (and those shouldn't cause compiler errors). I don't
see anything wrong. Perhaps you should consider getting the latest Sun

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