Re: masks and enums

Patricia Shanahan <>
Mon, 23 Jul 2007 16:28:43 -0700
Wojtek wrote:

If I have a mask set:

public static final long MASK_NONE = 0x000;
public static final long MASK_ONE = 0x001;
public static final long MASK_TWO = 0x002;
public static final long MASK_THREE = 0x004;
public static final long MASK_FOUR = 0x008;
public static final long MASK_FIVE = 0x010;

I can quite easily use them together:


However as a constructor/method parameter I am passing in a long. I
would like to use an enum:

public enum Mask

However the spec does not allow concatination of enums. To get around
this I can:
1. use a variable number of parameters
2. use an array of enums
3. use an object which contains a list (map) of the enums. However this
is as bad as having a complete set of isMaskX/setMaskX for each mask
type in some object.
4. list every possible combination of enums as their own enum. However
this expands really quickly and adding a new enum would be a royal pain.
5. throw up my hands in disgust and keep using the longs
6. some other elegant solution?

7. use java.util.EnumSet.


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