Re: Enums: Properties vs. Methods

Lew <>
Thu, 31 Mar 2011 08:52:58 -0400
Robert Klemme wrote:

You left out an important part of the sentence:

"If a final field is initialized to a compile-time constant IN THE
FIELD DECLARATION, [...] uses of that final field are replaced at
compile time with the compile-time constant." (uppercase by me)

This is not applicable in the "properties" case because final fields
are NOT initialized in the field declaration:

   public enum Prop {

     A(true, true), B(true, false), C(false, true);

     private final boolean a;

     private final boolean b;

     Prop(boolean a, boolean b) {
       this.a = a;
       this.b = b;

   // ...

Excellent point.

And yet:

37: tableswitch { // 3 to 3
                      3: 67
                default: 56
'3' is how it expanded 'kount' in the 'switch' in my example (where 'kount' is
final and set to 3).


public void run();
        0: aload_0
        1: getfield #21 // Field randy:Ljava/util/Random;
        4: iconst_4
        5: invokevirtual #30 // Method java/util/Random.nextInt:(I)I
        8: istore_1

  public void run()
    int value = randy.nextInt( kount + 1 );

Note that the compiler DOES replace the reference with a constant. Looks like
I was right after all.

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

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