Re: Swing is dead! Long live Swing.

Lew <>
Wed, 29 Feb 2012 00:00:23 -0800
Wanja Gayk wrote:

markspace wrote:

... For situations where I might be tempted to just use strings,
I try to substitute enums. For example, instead of

   bind( someComponent, "event-name" );

I'd use this:

   bind( someComponent, Events.NAME );

It provides automatic syntax checking, and is much easier to refactor if
names need to be changed or moved around later.

Any thoughts on this idea?

I think the same way.
I'm even going further and strongly propose preferring Enums to boolean
parameters and this is why:


This might irritate those who already find Java verbose, since 'String's are
more compact to declare, but type safety and refactorability [sic] is a payoff
in many situations.

I'm even worse, because I pump a "friendly" string representation into the enum.
??An enum type should override this method when a more "programmer-friendly"
string form exists.??

Necessitating a corresponding 'public static E fromString(String rep)'.

'fromString()' compares 'toString()' strings first; if those fail it delegates
to 'valueOf()'.

<sscce source="eegee/">
package eegee;
  * Essential {@code enum} implementation with "friendly" representation.
public enum Essential
   FANCY("fancy form"),
   ANOMALY("useful to hold log or error messages"),
   private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

   private final String representation;

     * Constructor setting the friendly representation.
     * @param rep String friendly representation of constant.
   private Essential(String rep)
     this.representation = rep;
     assert this.representation != null;

   public final String toString()
     return representation;

     * Look up enum constant from String representation.
     * @param rep String representation of enum constant.
     * @return Essential constant matching the representation.
   public static Essential fromString(String rep)
     if (rep == null)
       return null;
     for (Essential value : values())
       if (rep.equals(value.toString()))
         return value;
     return valueOf(rep);

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