Re: Could this be done better

Knute Johnson <>
Mon, 24 Nov 2014 09:41:38 -0800
         // private classes
         private class Colour {
             // public
             public Colour(Color color, String description) {
                 this.color = color;
                 this.description = description;

             public Color getColor() {
                 return color;

             public String getDescription() {
                 return description;

             // private
             private Color color;
             private String description;

         private class SwitchColour extends TimerTask {
             public void run() {

         //private functions
         private Colour getCurrentColour() {
             return colours[currentColour];

         private Colour getNextColour() {
             currentColour = (currentColour + 1) % colours.length;
             return getCurrentColour();

As much as I like your class Colour, it is probably easier and simpler
to use an enum in this case.

import java.awt.*;

public class test {
     enum Colours {

         private final Color value;

         Colours(Color value) {
             this.value = value;

         public Color value() {
             return value;

     public static void main(String... args) {


         for (Colours colour : Colours.values())

C:\Users\Knute Johnson>java test



Knute Johnson


Knute Johnson

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