Re: problem in downloading JRE

Tom Forsmo <>
Thu, 02 Nov 2006 13:10:11 +0100
Andrew Thompson wrote:

Tom Forsmo wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote: wrote:

Hi all,

Please *stop* multi-posting.

Since this person doesn't know this netiquette, you should perhaps
include a short explanation with your complaint of his violation.

*You* should perhaps do that.

Why should I do that? you are the one making the complaint.

I have found that there are
far too many multi-posters for it to be practical.

I have found that there are too many minor things in the world I cant be
bothered with to be aggravated about any more, its just tiresome.

But what I don't mind spending a bit of time on is making Usenet a less
bitter place on people not knowing its ways. There are humans behind
each machine, and they don't react as a computer would. Applying a bit
of knowledge on about human nature would help the Usenet become an even
better place for learning.

(Rant aboard:
Yes, I know one could also argue that one should respect how many geeks
on Usenet behave and react to "non conformal procedures". But in the
wider world, this is not the normal behavioural pattern of humans. If
you do not have time to waste on lesser mortals, than blame yourself for
not figuring out a way to filter out the noise without making demands on
others. cont expect others to follow your desires. You could perhaps
make a script that marks multi posts as read etc

My statement inherently includes an open invitation
to discuss the matter (e.g. "What does that mean?")

paraphrased: "please do as I say!"

?!?! Where is the "open invitation" in that statement?

and has been said to this OP (AFAIR) before, in a less
...demanding/insistent way.

maybe he does not understand the reason. its a normal way to respond for
many humans, if you don't understand it; you don't spend too much time
wondering about it and continue as you all ways have.


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