Re: Arrays.asList() doesn't work quite like I would think it should

From: (Stefan Ram)
6 Oct 2007 01:55:58 GMT
xen <> writes:

hate being ignored

  But then, in Usenet, there is a history and tradition of using
  a ?filter? or ?scoring system?.

  No one is obliged to read all articles posted to a group.

  Moreover, Usenet is not real-time communication. Someone
  might answer to an article and not have yet read another
  answer to the same article that might not have arrived at his
  newsserver yet.

  There is also a tradition to read and answer Usenet articles
  off-line, after a client has fetched some articles from a
  Usenet server. In this case, some more recent articles also
  might not be read yet when answering to an article.

parse those giant page-long sentences. I take it you have that skill
too since Dutch and German come from the same roots.

I must say I have read Kant in German and I found it equally hard to

  Hausser wrote a computer program that can parse German
  sentences, which most native German speakers will have
  a hard time to understand:

      ?Der Mann hat dem M4dchen das Buch geben
      dLrfen kFnnen wollen sollen mFgen.?

  This should mean: ?The man wanted to be required to want
  to be able to be allowed to give the book to the girl.?

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol.231
    NEWCAT, Parsing Natural Language Using Left-Associative Grammar
    Roland Hausser
    ISBN: 3-540-16781-1; Springer; 1986; Berlin, New York

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