Re: Adding FileFilters to JFileChooser

Mark Space <>
Mon, 23 Mar 2009 19:42:23 -0700
Jason Cavett wrote:

Okay, I know this should be easy, but I really cannot got this to

I'm adding FileFilters (DefaultFileFilters) to a JFileChooser in the
following way:

List<DefaultFileFilter> filters = new ArrayList<DefaultFileFilter>();
filters.add(new DefaultFileFilter(".ff1", "File Filter 1"));
filters.add(new DefaultFileFilter(".ff2", "File Filter 2"));
filters.add(new DefaultFileFilter(".ff3", "File Filter 3"));

JFileChooser openDialog = new JFileChooser();
for (DefaultFileFilter filter : callback.getFileFilters()) {

That works, however, the last filter added is always the one that is
selected, when I want the first one selected by default. Changing
setFileFilter to setChoosableFileFilter does not fix the problem.
Adding the file filters in the reverse order does not fix the issue
(the correct filter is selected, but the filters are in the opposite

This should be easy. What am I doing wrong?

Dunno. What is "callback" and "getFileFilters()?"

.... but have you tried:

  for (DefaultFileFilter filter : filters ) {
  openDialog.setFileFilter( filters.get(0) );

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