Re: Mac X Swing problem

"mhsampson" <>
13 Dec 2006 09:05:47 -0800
Thanks. I changed the code as follows, and it works nicely.

Mike Sampson

public class MultiLineHeaderRenderer extends JLabel implements
    public MultiLineHeaderRenderer()


        this.setHorizontalAlignment( JLabel.CENTER );
        this.setVerticalAlignment( JLabel.TOP );

    public Component getTableCellRendererComponent(JTable table, Object
                   boolean isSelected, boolean hasFocus, int row, int
        String str = (value == null) ? "" : value.toString();
        BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new StringReader(str));
        String line;
        String htmlText = new String("<HTML>");
        int lines = 0;
            while ( (line = br.readLine()) != null )

                if ( lines > 0 )
                    htmlText += "<P>";
                htmlText += line;
            htmlText += "</HTML>";
        catch (IOException ex)
        this.setText( htmlText );

        return this;

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