Re: Trying to produce a valid URL for both Windows and Unix - help

"" <>
16 Jan 2007 09:05:33 -0800
Thomas Fritsch wrote: wrote:

  JEditorPane pane = new JEditorPane();
  pane.setEditorKit(new HTMLEditorKit());
  pane.addHyperlinkListener(new HyperlinkListener() {
      public void hyperlinkUpdate(HyperlinkEvent evt) {
          if (evt.getEventType() == HyperlinkEvent.EventType.ACTIVATED) {
              System.out.println("you clicked!");

Still have no clue what's not working.

I vaguely remember that you have to do
in order to get the event actually fired by the JEditorpane.

The reasoning behind that was:
When there is an editable JEditorPane, the user clicks into it because he
wants to edit the HTML text, but doesn't want to follow the clicked link.

That was it!! Thanx!!


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