here's my code. any help on the stateChanged method???

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Mon, 21 May 2007 17:40:59 -0400
  * @author kevin
  * @(#)MyClock2.
  * @Kevin
  * @version 1.20 2007/4/20
import java.text.*;
import java.text.ParseException;

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
import java.awt.event.ActionListener;
import java.awt.Color;
import java.awt.Font;
import java.awt.GridLayout;

import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;

import java.util.*;
import java.util.Calendar.*;
import java.util.Date.*;

import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.SpinnerDateModel;
import javax.swing.event.*;
import javax.swing.event.ChangeListener;
import javax.swing.event.ChangeEvent;
import javax.swing.JSpinner.*;

abstract class BigFonts extends JComponent
         implements MouseMotionListener, ActionListener,

     public void paintComponent(Graphics g){
         g.drawString(st, newx, newy);

//make draggable
     public void MouseDragged(MouseEvent e){

         int newx =0;
         int newy = 0;

     public static String doTime(String ts){

         //Calendar earliestdate, latestdate;
         String thetime;
         Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
         SimpleDateFormat tf = new SimpleDateFormat( "h:mm:ss a" ) ;
         thetime = tf.format(calendar.getTime());
         return thetime;

     public static void addToBox(String thetime){

         // make text bigger for visually impaired friend

         String alarmTime;
         Font big = new Font("Serif", Font.BOLD, 40);
         JLabel msg = new JLabel("Time to go.");
         JButton thedisplay = new JButton(thetime);
         thedisplay.setSize(200, 200);

         // prepare alarm

         // put it all in a layout

         JFrame display = new JFrame("Set the Alarm, pleas.");
         display.setSize(250, 100);
         display.setLayout(new GridLayout());

             // spinner action

        public void stateChanged(ChangeEvent evt){

            JSpinner alarm = (JSpinner) (evt.getSource());


     public static void setAlarm(){

         Font big = new Font("Serif", Font.BOLD, 40);
         JFrame display = new JFrame("Set the Alarm");
         Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
         // spinner model -- for setting alarm

        Date presentTime = calendar.getTime();
        Date earliestTime = calendar.getTime();
        Date latestTime = calendar.getTime();
        SpinnerDateModel model = new SpinnerDateModel(presentTime ,

        JSpinner alarm = new JSpinner(model);
        alarm.setEditor (new JSpinner.DateEditor(alarm,"hh:mm:ss aa"));
        display.setSize(300, 100);


     public static void main(String[] args){

         int newx=125, newy=95; // coordinates of time
         boolean set;
         set = true;
         String st = " Starting ...";
         String theTime = " ";
         String theAlarm = " ";
         Thread t = new Thread();
         Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();

             if (set)
             for (;;) { // forever
             } // forever

         }catch (Exception e){}

             //{ who cares?)



Sometimes I'm in a good mood.
Sometimes I'm in a bad mood.
When all my moods have cum to pass
i hope they bury me upside down
so the world can kiss me porcelain,
white, Irish bottom.

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