Re: refactoring

From: (Stefan Ram)
8 Aug 2007 17:23:12 GMT
Roedy Green <> writes:

Places where multiple outputs would be useful:
1. 2D and 3D co-ordinates, Cartesian to polar.
2. returning a value with a status indicator about how good the value is.
4. division return quotient and remainder.
5. font/colour pair
6. find min, max average of a set.

  Yes, but actually I am not aware of a reason,
  why not to encapsulate these compounds in a class.

  The only argument I remember was ?overhead?.

  This breaks down to

    - Notational overhead in the source code

      This indeed is a problem. Java is too
      verbose in several regards already.
      But if one really despise this, one might
      not have chosen Java in the first place.
    - Execution time overhead

      One can imagine how an optimizer might
      remove nearly all of it, and some
      implementations might be good in this regard.

3. categorising routines. Using a separate method for each
category must repeat the binning logic.

  I do not understand what this is, but never mind.

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