Re: Where can I download SWT? (SWT homepage)

Lew <>
Wed, 05 Dec 2007 09:51:11 -0500
Lew wrote:

Philipp wrote:

I dont know for you, but the search terms "eclipse swt" bring up
exactly your page as first hit in Google.


First hit on Yahoo Search, too, were I crazy enough to want to use
Eclipse or SWT.

Here's one article on the comparison. (First hit on Yahoo for "swing vs
swt".) It generally favors SWT and Eclipse, claims that SWT is better for
productivity, then concludes,

take this bit of advice: don't program against the grain in Eclipse.
Don't try to dismantle the framework and rebuild it to suit your tastes.
So the height of the dialog header is 30 pixels instead of 35 --
or the cancel button for background tasks is red instead of mauve the
boss wants -- or you want, as "Mr. Ed" did, an Outlook-like "cool-bar"
instead of a "toolbar" -- or you want the font on the preferences dialog
to be a size larger -- my advice is to forget about it.


Programming against the grain is so counterproductive in Eclipse and SWT
that if your end-user requires extensive tweaking of the user interface,
then I wholeheartedly recommend using Swing. It will certainly provide you
the desired flexibility --
only, expect to pay a heavy price in terms of productivity.


I read this as, "If you want the wrong result in half the time, use SWT. If
you want the right result, take longer and use Swing."


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