Re: Ascending/Descending icons

Lew <>
Thu, 23 Apr 2009 00:14:28 -0400
John B. Matthews wrote:

| \u2680 |
| \u2681 |
| \u2682 |

| \u2682 |
| \u2681 |
| \u2680 |

Lew wrote:

Now what in heck are those supposed to look like? I see nothing
there that resembles notions of "upward" or "downward". Maybe I'm in
a locale that doesn't parse string representations of Unicode
characters into those Unicode characters.

John B. Matthews wrote:

Worse, not every font has the glyphs, but dice are widely known:


Instead of chasing one around the 'Net, couldn't you just embed the actual
glyphs in your post, please?

A chart like the one you referenced, and I knew where to find one already but
this problem overcame me, is that it doesn't show the glyphs organized in the
way you intended, and therefore the notion of "upwardness" or "downwardness"
doesn't convey.

So have a heart, show us what you mean instead of making us construct it.


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