Re: Make a simple 4 row by 4 column scratch pad.

Lew <>
Thu, 25 Feb 2010 12:09:58 -0500
bH wrote:

On a JPanel, I want to make a simple 4 rows by 4
columns: a grid/ "scratch pad" that I can list two digit
numbers i.e. 10,12,...45.. one number each of the 16 cells.
I have tried a TextArea to do that. But using tabs is
a problem, to make it appear to be rows, columns.
Yet in a further search for a suitable demo,
this demo was written to demonstrate a TextPane. But while
testing/reading there was coding error of
"int tabWidth = charWidth charactersPerTab;"
In reading for further discovery the
This read:
"Note that the implementations of these methods are
inefficient, so they are usually overridden with more
efficient toolkit-specific implementations."

Perhaps instead of a 'TextArea' (I wonder why you didn't use a Swing component
there - it seems really weird to mix Swing and AWT components), use


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