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Lew <>
Mon, 23 May 2011 21:06:50 -0400
joao tiago a. m. viegas wrote:

Lew wrote:

The first-person singular pronoun in English is spelled "I", not "i". It's
only one letter long, so it should be possible to spell it correctly. This is
one of the first lessons in an EFL course, so it should come as no surprise.


is that really necessary? the "i" thing ???
what is it all about?
didn't it compile?

Information in the sig, which one normally does not quote, is generally not on
topic, and frequently of a humorous or satiric nature.

The sig is the signature area set off by the "dash dash space" line. (The
final space is missing from Google Groups posts). Newsreaders generally
display that portion of a post in a special color or font (e.g., gray instead
of black), and automatically omit the sig in replies (unless it's a Google
Groups post, in which case the lack of the final "space" defeats the feature).

It is not necessary to respond to sigs, as they are not generally intended to
be taken seriously. That said, the point was valid about the word "I", was it
not? Is it not true information? Isn't that information useful to you?

But you are right, it is not necessary, which is why it was relegated to the
sig, the designated area for unnecessary verbiage.

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

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