Re: How to make EL expression evaluate its values?

Lew <>
Tue, 30 Jan 2007 10:05:33 -0500
Lew wrote:

So you don't "<c:out>" a value that equals a tag, you just place the tag in
your JSP and use EL to plug in specific values inside the tag.
You don't need <c:out> at all, as far as I can see.

Ray wrote:

I know that part, basically the reason is this: we have an existing
big application. Most of the content of the file is generated using
XSLT transform.

So in the "skeleton" page, we have something like:

<html:form action...>

<c:out value=<that XSLT-generated big string, which is stuffed into a
request attribute> escapeXml="false"/>


So all the tags (JSTL or otherwise) are written as they are--they're
not evaluated. When inside the big string we put things like <c:if...>
and so on, when I view the source it will be <c:if...> instead of the

Of course. You have instructed the JSP to generate that string as a literal.

I was wondering if there's a quick way to just tell the page,
"evaluate all tags in this dynamically generated string".

You do not put the "big string" inside a <c:out>. Do not use <c:out> for this.

You put your dynamic tags directly on the JSP.

- Lew

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