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"Oliver Wong" <>
Thu, 24 May 2007 10:52:21 -0400
<> wrote in message


char x;
c =;
x = (char)c;
if (c!=1)
output+= x;
} while (c!=1 && i < 5000);


Perhaps you mean to compare against -1 instead of 1?


String hashedpw = getMD5Hash("mypass");
String challenge = getChallenge();
String md5pw = getMD5Hash(hashedpw + challenge);

Since you didn't provide the getChallenge or getMD5Hash method, it's
difficult to help you. I asked you for an SSCCE, not a code snippet.

String nextt = URLEncoder.encode("");
String post = "challenge=" + challenge + "&noerror=1&next=" + nextt
+ "&login=Login&email=" + email + "&pass=&md5pass=" + md5pw;

PrintWriter pout = new

You cannot write to a URLConnection if doOutput=false - call


} catch(Exception e){}

When debugging a problem, don't silently swallow exceptions.

    - Oliver

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