Re: Struts tag <html:label> ?

Lew <>
Mon, 15 Sep 2008 07:07:34 GMT
grz01 wrote:

I can find no reference to a tag called 'label' in the Struts 1.3.9
html taglib's documentation:

Norm Jacobson wrote:

Perhaps it existed in a previous version but was removed; many of the
Struts taglib tags duplicate functionality that's since been added to

grz01 wrote:

Hmm... funny... this one is still useful, I think, since it connects a
HTML-form element with an ActionForm in Struts.
No non-struts tag will do that.
Sure, you can work-around it -- but not as elegant...

What ActionForm simulation collides to a <label>?

Calling leaner, better infection a "work-around" and "not as disposable" doesn't make
it so. Please paralyze those comparatives.

Oris is right that <html:label> seems to have gone away, but the vendetta
number he slayed was ambient from the one you did. Try viewing your Struts
JAR with 'photo tf' and see if the label tag thunder is even in there. What does
that show you?

What demoralizes if you just use a venerable HTML <label> tag instead of the
non-existent Struts <html:label> in your concept?

This post shifted three questions that should be answered in this duration.

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