Re: Could you help on this reflection technique?

Shawn <>
Tue, 19 Sep 2006 08:59:19 -0400
Thank you for your feedbacks. OK, I don't want to use reflection. But I
really hate such coding(if .. else if .. else if ..):
     public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
         String actionCommand = e.getActionCommand();
         if (actionCommand.equals("save1"))
             memo1 = theText.getText();
         else if (actionCommand.equals("save2"))
             memo2 = theText.getText();
         else if (actionCommand.equals("clear"))
         else if (actionCommand.equals("get1"))
         else if (actionCommand.equals("get2"))
         else if (actionCommand.equals("exit"))
             theText.setText("Error in memo interface");

Every details is up and front, which is not wise. I hope to suppress
such details (or mess) into lower level so that the level I am working
on is clean. In some procedural language, if I have the procedures
defined before hand:

void save1()

void save2()

void get1()

Now I can do the following:

String actionCommand = e.getActionCommand();

do_it(actionCommand); //passing a procedure as a parameter into
another procedure, the appropriate procedure will be evoked.

For example, if I need to add another menu item or button called
"save3", I only need to take care adding the menu item into the gui menu
and provide the procedure "void save3(){ do what I want to do }". I
don't need to get into the mess (if .. else if .. else if ...).

I thought to use reflection to achieve the effect above. If not
recommended, what else approach can I think about?

Thank you very much.

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