Re: Why interface cannot define static methods?

"Furious George" <>
29 Sep 2006 09:16:48 -0700
Ed wrote:

moop=99 skrev:

As title, why?

Because the designers of Java decided that interfaces can't have static

You can easily achieve the effect of defining a static method in an
interface. Watch and learn:

public interface MyStupidInterface
    public static final Runnable stupidity = new java . lang . Runnable
( ) { public void run ( ) { System . out . println ( "Hello World!" ) ;
} } ;
public class MyStupidApp implements MyStupidInterface
    public static void main ( String [ ] args )
    stupidity . run ( ) ;

Is it possible to design a language with static interface methods (such
that concrete classes implementing that interface must declare those
methods as static)? Yip.

I think you are correct. I tried a variation of that. Is it
permissible to implement an interface using static methods? For
example using a static void run ( ) method to implement Runnable. It
is not permissible with my compiler. Why not, I don't know.


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