Tapping into ColdFusion MX 6.1 Logging

Fri, 01 Jun 2007 19:11:38 -0700
This isn't a question... but a record of my experience for anyone else
doing this. In my googling on this topic, I didn't find many answers,
so here's what I came up with.

I discovered... 6.1 has pretty old Log4J, v1.1.3. Thankfully, it's
open source, and very readily available, despite being an old version.
So that helps.

As far as I can tell, if you just want to use the old logger, and hope
that ColdFusion picks up your stuff, do something like this...

public static Category logger =

if(logger.getChainedPriority().isGreaterOrEqual(Priority.DEBUG)) {
        logger.debug("My debug message");

And if you want to interface with ColdFusion's logger directly
(tapping into cfusion-out.log), try this...

private static Logger logger = LoggerService.createDefaultLogger();

if(logger.isDebugEnabled()) {
      logger.logDebug("My debug message");

And I did find there's a logger.xml file out there, supposedly for
adding custom definition. I haven't had much success with it, but
here's the path for those that might be interested. This does vary
slightly per install, but it gives you a starting place.


Last thing, also undocumented, also very useful. You can enable more
debugging in the logs...

Find this service and change "debugEnabled" to "true"...

================================================================== -->
  <!-- This Service represents JRun's logging
facility -->
================================================================== -->
  <service class="jrunx.logger.LoggerService" name="LoggerService">
    <attribute name="format">{server.date} {log.level} {log.message}
    <!-- You can modify format to suit your need. -->
    <!-- EXAMPLE: <attribute name="format">{date MM/dd HH:mm:ss}
{log.message}{log.exception}</attribute> -->
    <attribute name="errorEnabled">true</attribute>
    <attribute name="warningEnabled">true</attribute>
    <attribute name="infoEnabled">true</attribute>
    <attribute name="debugEnabled">true</attribute>
    <!-- You may also need to uncomment MetricsService if you want
metrics enabled -->
    <attribute name="metricsEnabled">false</attribute>
    <attribute name="metricsLogFrequency">60</attribute>
    <attribute name="metricsFormat">Web threads (busy/total):
{jrpp.busyTh}/{jrpp.totalTh} Sessions: {sessions} Total
Memory={totalMemory} Free={freeMemory}</attribute>
    <service class="jrunx.logger.ThreadedLogEventHandler"
      <service class="jrunx.logger.ConsoleLogEventHandler"
name=":service=ConsoleLogEventHandler" />
      <service class="jrunx.logger.FileLogEventHandler"
        <attribute name="filename">{jrun.rootdir}/logs/
        <attribute name="rotationSize">200k</attribute>
        <attribute name="rotationFiles">3</attribute>
        <!-- Use heading to specify an alternate log heading for
system event log. -->
        <!-- EXAMPLE: <attribute name="heading"># Created by JRun on
{date MM/dd HH:mm:ss}</attribute> -->
        <attribute name="closeDelay">5000</attribute>
        <attribute name="deleteOnExit">false</attribute>

That's all she wrote folks... If I'm doing anything incorrectly,
please feel free to respond.

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