Re: Binary Tree in java(Generic)

"Jeff Higgins" <>
Wed, 20 Feb 2008 18:18:40 -0500
HelpMe wrote:

Please help me.I want to make a binary tree in java.I started but
couldnot accomplish.Can anyone help me to complete .Reply soon
please.My Program is:-

not a program, as it's posted.

Start here:

public class BinaryTree {

  Object root;
  BinaryTree right;
  BinaryTree left;


Forget about interfaces, polymorphism, and generics
until you can produce a plain old data structure, you
can add the fancy stuff later.

Here's a link that was helpful to me.


interface Node {
         T getData();
         int getId();

interface BinTree<T> {
         Node getLeft (Node n);
         Node getRight (Node n);
         Node[] leaves();
         Node parent(Node n);
         int numOfChildren(Node n);

class ArrayBinTree<T> implements BinTree<T> {
         class ArrayBinTreeNode<T> implements Node {
               T data;
               int id;
               T getData {return data;}
               int getId {return id;}


       ArrayBinTreeNode () { //default constructor
              id = 0;
              data = null;
ArrayBinTree (int s){ //copy constructor
              id = s;
              data = null;

Node[] tree;
int numOfNodes;
BinTree(int size) {
tree = new Node[size];
numOfNodes = 0;

Node getLeft(Node n) {
return tree [2*n.getId()+1];

Node getRight(Node n) {
return tree [2*n.getId()+2];

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