Re: Alternative to if...else for keyword based actions

Eric Sosman <>
Mon, 04 Aug 2008 14:57:42 -0400
<1217876155.38291@news1nwk> wrote:

I was wondering if there is an alternative to if...else and
switch(case) where you don't have to define the results. For example,
if the input "println Hello World;" is sent to the program where
println calls the method println(String str) with the parameter "Hello
World". I could use string tokenizer to separate the parts of the
word. Then looping through the tokens, I'd have to do a sequence of
if..else like

String token = "println";
String parameter = "Hello World";
else if(token.equals("add")){
else if(token.equals("multiply")){
else if(token.equals("divide")){
else if(token.equals("subtract")){
else if(token.equals("println")){

How can I override the condition check and directly call a method
based on a string name of the method?? I'm trying to create a program
that reads a notepad source file and executes a program based on it.
Having all of these if...else checks was really getting annoying. Help?

     One way is to define a class for each of the actions you want
to take. Have all the action classes implement a common interface
(or extend a common superclass, probably an abstract class), and
put an instance of each in a Map keyed on the String you want:

    interface Actionable {
        public void act(String parameter);

    Map<String,Actionable> dispatch = ...;

    dispatch.put("print", new Actionable() {
        public void act(String parameter) {

    dispatch.put("println", new Actionable() {
        public void act(String parameter) {


     After initializing the Map, you can process the lines:

    String token = ...;
    String param = ...;
    Actionable action = dispatch.get(token);
    if (action != null)
        throw new BogusInputException();

     You'll have to decide for yourself whether this is worth while.
It probably adds up to two or three times as much source, but it
offers a lot of flexibility: changing the suite of Actionables in
mid-stream, initializing them differently depending on preferences
or the phase of the moon, ...


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