Re: ArrayList called with specific object constructors

"Alessandro" <>
Wed, 29 Apr 2009 01:44:36 +0200

The idea is that you want to be able to use a factor of Integers (e.g.)
to fill a list of Numbers. The other way of doing this is to do this:
public <T> List<? super T> makeList(Factory<T> factory)

That's clear, but I have problems with calling the interface Factory.
Still viewed Robert code but it can't work because instantiating an

This is my edited fragment:

*** Factory interface ***
public interface Factory<T> {
 public T makeObject(String s1, String s2);

*** class calling generic method (implements Factory ??? implements
Factory<T> ???***
ArrayList<Ric> ricList=xmlService.xml2ListGEN(new Factory<Ric>());

*** class with generic method ***
private <T> ArrayList<T> xml2ListGEN(Factory<T> factory){

  ArrayList<T> list=new ArrayList<T>();
  return list;

*** Ric class was the same ***

Please could you give just again a look ?

Thanks and best regards,

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