Re: Making String variable and value available for all Classes

"Qu0ll" <>
Sun, 6 Sep 2009 19:14:15 +1000
"sahm" <> wrote in message

Hi every one

Good Day

How can I make String variable and value available for all classes in
my project
I?m try to make user name value available, I used
public static String usrName;

But stile is not available.

What do you mean by "not available"? You will have to access it using the
class name as well so:

public class User {
   public static String usrName;

would be accessed something like:

System.out.println("User name: " + User.usrName);

A better alternative is to use an interface if the user name is constant

public interface UserConstants {

    public static final String USER_NAME = "sahm";

then you can import the interface in other classes and access the string
directly like:

import com.sahm.UserConstants;

System.out.println("User name: " + USER_NAME);

And loving it,

-Qu0ll (Rare, not extinct)
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