Re: Initializing a Map in an Interface?

Lew <>
Mon, 15 Mar 2010 13:55:50 -0700 (PDT)
Rhino wrote:

Is it possible to do a full-on assignment of specific values to a HashMap
in an interface? If so, how?

I'd like to create a HashMap that has a key that is a String and a value
that is a Color. The HashMap would contain a substantial number of these

I'm trying to figure out how to write the initialization but am confusing
myself with respect to brackets, braces, commas, etc.

Defining it as an Object[][] is easy enough:

                public static final Object[][] EIGHT_BIT_=


Lighten up on the indentation for Usenet listings to keep them
readable. Four spaces is a comfortable maximum per indent level.

                        {"Black", new Color(0,0,0=


                        {"Obscure Gray", new Colo=

r(51, 51, 51)},

                        {"Dark Gray", new Color(1=

02, 102, 102)},

                        {"Light Gray", new Color(=

153, 153, 153)},

                        {"Pale Gray", new Color(2=

04, 204, 204)},

                        {"White", new Color(255, =



How could I write the definition if I want the Object[][] to be a HashMap
<String, Color>?

I'm guessing that defining the Map/HashMap explicitly like this isn't
possible and that I have to initialize it with code like this:
                Map<Color, String> colorsToNamesMap = n=

ew HashMap<Color,


                for (int ix=0; ix<EIGHT_BIT_COLORS.leng=

th; ix++) {




which means I can't define the Map in an interface because this sort of
code can't appear in an Interface, only a Class.

You really shouldn't be putting implementation in an interface in the
first place. If the intent is to create a static final immutable Map,
put it in a utility class with a static initializer to set up the
map. (A utility class is a class with a private no-arg constructor
and otherwise no non-static elements.) You can then use 'import
static' or the FQN to bring that Map into another type definition
(e.g., for an interface, despite that being an antipattern), either as
a 'Map' variable or the return value of a static method of the utility

Untested, imports omitted:

 public class Util
   private Util(){}
   public static final Map <Color, String> COLOR_NAMES;
     Map <Color, String> colors = new HashMap <Color, String> ();
     colors.put( Color.BLACK, "Black" );
     colors.put( new Color(51, 51, 51), "Obscure Gray" );
// ...
     colors.put( Color.WHITE, "White" );
     COLOR_NAMES = Collections.unmodifiableMap( colors );

public interface AntipatternContainsImplementation
   Map <Color, String> colorsToNames = Util.COLOR_NAMES;


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